Genomics in Everyday Care
To improve clinical care through affordable and accessible genomic testing: This is the vision that has driven DxTerity from its beginning, and underlies the products and services that we offer. Genomic testing is key to the practice of Personalized or Precision Medicine, and DxTerity specializes in the development of simple, fast, and affordable blood based genomic tests.
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What We Do
DxTerity develops genomic tests and provides contract services and technologies to partner organizations including patient recruitment for clinical studies, high throughput genomic testing in our CLIA licensed/CAP accredited genomics laboratory, Compliant Quality System Regulation (QSR) Product Development and cGMP diagnostic kit manufacturing.
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Direct-to-Patient Platform
The time and expense of conducting clinical studies are often the biggest barriers to the commercialization of promising genomic tests. DxTerity’s Direct-to-Patient (D2P) Clinical Research Platform was engineered from the ground up to address this problem by enabling population scale genomic studies.
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Digital Recruitment

Study Management

Genomic Services

Low Sample Input

Automated Processing

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Design & Feasibility Studies

Validation & Verification Studies

Product Transfer & Manufacturing

The ability to measure changes in the genomic underpinnings of therapy response and inflammation are now at your fingertips. Insights into larger patient populations more frequently from the convenience of home. This is High Frequency Genomics.