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The time and expense of conducting clinical studies are often the biggest barriers to the commercialization of promising genomic tests. DxTerity’s Direct-to-Patient Clinical Research Platform addresses this problem by enabling population-scale genomic studies to be conducted within the controlled environment of a regulatory compliant clinical trial.

Understanding Immune Response

A healthy immune system is key to living a happy and healthy life, but an unhealthy one can cause serious problems. Over-reaction of the immune system can lead to autoimmune disease, while under-reaction can lead to sickness or cancer. DxTerity’s technology enables low-cost, frequent monitoring of individualized immune response providing critical insights into disease state, which can lead to better tailoring of treatment.

Enabling Real-World Data Collection

Frequent monitoring of patients between doctor office visits captures near real-time feedback of disease state, therapy response and symptoms associated with disease flares. Real-world data collection has potential to provide improved treatment of patients and enable a deeper understanding of factors that lead to disease flares.

Complex Cohorts Requiring Population-Scale Genomics

Patients with autoimmune disease are often on multiple drug therapies. Understanding the impact of various drugs on different patient populations requires the ability to characterize complex combinations of therapies and conditions, and to separate pathway and disease activities unique to subpopulations. DxTerity’s technology and approach to large population-scale genomic studies supports research in these areas.


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