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Participants appreciate the ease of DxTerity’s from-home sample collection capability, a feature that also saves time and money in the sampling process. Our proprietary and easy-to-use DxCollect fingerstick collection kit is designed for safe fingerstick blood collection and standard US mail shipment, allowing for fast researcher access to RNA and DNA analysis results.

Stabilized at Ambient Temperature

DxTerity® has traditional phlebotomy collection and a revolutionary fingerstick collector kit. Both can stabilize RNA and DNA at ambient temperature.

High Quality RNA Sample Collection

Unlike industry leading current technology tubes, DxCollect products (MCD fingerstick collector kit and DxCollect tubes) provide robust stabilization of RNA at room temperature, simplifying sample handling requirements and enabling shipping by standard US mail.

Comparison of RNA Integrity Number (RIN) for matched blood samples collected in current technology tubes, DxCollect tubes and DxCollect MCD fingerstick collector kits. All samples were stored at room temperature (~21°) for 21 days with sampling and isolation using current technology spin columns after 3, 7, 14 and 21 days. DxCollect tubes and MCD show little change in RIN overtime, while current technology samples show a steady decrease in RIN. DxTerity, data on file.

Comparison of Whole Transcriptome (WT) Ampliseq Analysis of Matched MCDs between Day 0 to Day 14 both show very high correlation (0.97), demonstrating that the RNA profile was well preserved even after 14 Days of ambient storage and provided very similar expression profiles for samples prepared on Day 0. DxTerity, data on file. n=10

RNA Stable Over Time

Day 3 and Day 14 RNA samples are of similar quality using the DxCollect MCD fingerstick collector kit.

Easy-to-Use Collection Kit Enhances Sample Integrity and Compliance

From-home collection with the DxCollect MCD is turnkey. Each participant receives a pre-addressed kit with all needed supplies and easy-to-follow instructions for the sample collection process: pricking the finger with the lancet, dripping 4 to 5 drops of blood into the wide mouth collector, screwing the collector into the transport tube to stabilize the blood sample and shipping by US mail in the original box.


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