Economic and efficient

DxDirect enables direct-from-blood testing of RNA without the need for RNA isolation, which can be time consuming and expensive. DxDirect therefore is ideal for the development of custom diagnostic assays where the end goal is high-throughput, low-cost, commercial delivery.

No Sample Preparation Required

DxDirect’s patented chemistry eliminates sample preparation, enabling high-throughput multiplexing that provides distinct advantages for monitoring and screening assays for clinical RNA assay development.

Non-Enzymatic Chemical Ligation

The magic is in the molecules. DxDirect uses a patented and proprietary chemical ligation reaction to directly target RNA in stabilized blood and tissue, eliminating complicated RNA isolation, purification, and characterization steps. DxDirect assays use uniquely sized, adjacently binding, chemically reactive probes (S-Probe and L-Probe) to target genes of interest. Upon binding to the RNA target, the adjacent probes spontaneously ligate and produce equimolar amounts of reaction product which can be subsequently detected using industry standard instrumentation e.g. PCR, Capillary Electrophoresis, Microarray, Next-Generation Sequencing.

Competitive Edge in a Competitive Market

DxDirect provides a unique and competitive advantage for high-throughput, low-cost, multiplex RNA testing compared to current methods.


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