Fast recruitment and enrollment

DxTerity® provides rapid participant recruitment using social networks, registries, physician referral and ad networks. The combination of national recruiting campaigns and decreased burden for study participation makes participant enrollment fast and easy.

Digital Recruiting:

Reaching Study Participants Remotely

DxTerity’s highly scalable, digital recruiting methods reach participants anywhere nationwide through online channels. The DxCollect® kits are mailed directly to consented study participants and returned by US mail. No visits to blood collection centers are required, thereby increasing access to and compliance of participants in remote areas.

e-Trial Execution:

Streamlining the Process Flow

DxTerity’s D2P Platform uses digital study formats with full integration of eQualification, eConsent, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), and integrated logistics handling of all participant samples. The integration of platforms increases efficiency and streamlines the process flow.


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