Partnering to achieve a
common goal.

We’re all in this together

DxTerity® and clinical researchers share a common goal: to advance the understanding, treatment and management of immune-mediated disease. To that end, DxTerity is committed to providing researchers with integrated patient-centric services to drive deep discovery and rapid product commercialization.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

DxTerity’s diagnostic development process provides a full suite of services to advance the next generation of low-cost, high-volume molecular diagnostics through the commercialization process.

  • Direct-to-Patient Clinical Research

  • Precision Genomic Testing

  • IVD Product Co-development

Direct patient recruitment and from-home sample collection for large studies

Low-cost genomic solutions for molecular diagnostic discovery and clinical development

Co-development services for IVD products under US FDA Design Control and CE-IVD requirements

Novel Technology for Immune-Mediated Diseases

DxTerity’s proprietary technology stabilizes RNA at ambient temperature while eliminating complex sample preparation requirements through direct-from-sample processing. This unique technology supports genomic research and monitoring in immune-mediated disease applications both when the immune system creates an over-reaction as well as an under-reaction to internal and external factors.


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