Transforming patient care with RNA monitoring.
From home.

Out of the lab.
Into the home.

Welcome to a better way to collect RNA data:
From home.


We’re uniting patients, providers and researchers together to help those with immune-mediated diseases to live life confidently.

Real World Genomics

Frequent patient RNA monitoring can help provide a more complete picture of disease activity and therapy response.

From-Home Convenience

RNA sample collection from patients’ homes simplifies clinical study participation and monitoring of immune-mediated diseases.

Revolutionary Technology

We make genomic monitoring affordable by stabilizing RNA at ambient temperature and eliminating complex sample prep requirements.

Our patient-centric genomics mission

Transforming patient care with RNA monitoring. From home.

Regular disease activity monitoring can help provide a true understanding of an individual’s health. But traditional methods of monitoring are expensive and time consuming. We’re putting patients first by bringing the power of affordable real-world genomics where patients need it — in their homes.

We aim to provide a deeper understanding of immune response so patients can live life confidently.

Study Participants

We make it easy for you to contribute to advancing research for autoimmune disease and cancer from the comfort of your own home.

Research and Development Partners

We improve clinical study efficiency through direct-to-patient access with high quality genomic data for discovery, clinical and commercial requirements.

Who We Are

DxTerity® is a patient-centric genomics company passionate about putting patients with immune-mediated diseases at the center of everything that we do. We’re harnessing the power of real-world genomics with convenient from-home RNA monitoring to help get a more complete picture of a patient’s health. With patented and proprietary technologies that engage patients where they live, we’re improving clinical study efficiency while transforming the management of immune-mediated disease. We bring together patients, providers, advocacy groups and researchers uniting them in a common mission to improve healthcare and to enable patients to live life confidently.


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