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Our goal for the future: those affected by immune-mediated diseases will have the knowledge, treatments and power to live life confidently. We believe that low-cost, from-home, immune monitoring blood tests can empower patients and doctors to gain control of a patient’s condition. DxTerity® is working in the following areas:

Multiple Sclerosis

Research for an at-home blood test to help physicians monitor disease activity and measure response to therapy.


Research for an at-home blood test to help physicians monitor lupus disease activity and measure response to therapy

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Research for an at-home blood test to help physicians monitor rheumatoid arthritis disease activity and measure response to therapy


Research for a blood test to help physicians predict whether cancer patients are likely to experience an adverse response to radiation therapy and if their cancer is likely to respond

Understanding Immune-Mediated Disease

The proper functioning of your immune system is key to a happy and healthy life. If it’s too weak, you’re unable to fight off an infection or cancer. If it’s too active, your immune system can attack healthy tissue leading to inflammation and pain as in autoimmune diseases. With immune-mediated diseases, your genomics can help play an important role in understanding how best to manage your disease. Genomic studies look at how your genes — DNA and RNA — interact with therapies and the environment. While your DNA generally stays the same throughout your life, your RNA can change in response to your disease or from environmental conditions and provide information on what is happening in your body right now. This real-world biological information from RNA can help researchers develop tests to monitor your disease and determine the best way to treat it.

Make a Difference

You can make a difference by participating in new research from your own home. With our simple research kits, we make participation easy and convenient. Your contribution can help drive scientific discoveries toward improving care.

How it Works in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up

Read and complete the consent form to join the study.

Step 2. Complete a kit

Complete a fingerstick collector kit from the comfort of your own home and drop it in the mail.

Step 3. Answer Surveys

Let us know how you’re feeling by completing a survey online.

Ease of Use

Collecting a small blood sample is easy with the fingerstick collector kit. Based on a survey of participants in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis studies, >85% of participants agreed to strongly agreed that the fingerstick collector was easy to use.

Fingerstick Sample Was Easy to Collect

Learn more about our studies and see if you qualify.


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